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Chapter 8 works with our suppliers everyday. Keeping an open dialogue to ensure quality, costs and supply are always readily available at the highest standard, keeping our rates competitive.

Our inventory is tracked and logged through our live-real time, paperless, inventory management software REFLOW.

Our stock is tracked in real time from the stores to every single site, allowing us to always know what equipment is available, damaged, or booked out for the next day. 


PPE, Signage, Traffic Lights

Its not just about having the right equipment, its about having the best equipment.

Chapter 8 thinks outside of the box, operating above everyone within the traffic management sector in regards to quality and appearance on our sites.

If you passed one of our sites recently, you will notice our equipment never looks run down, damaged or out of place. From personalised equipment that stands out, to revolutionary products you will not see on any other site.

We know presentation to the public is everything, that's why our crews have the best PPE that like our equipment never looks run down or damaged, giving our operatives the appearance and presentation they deserve when they are out working hard on our roads.


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