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Traffic management Design

Traffic Management Plans

At Chapter 8, our design team work daily with client enquires, collecting critical details while using their traffic management expertise to deliver tailor made traffic management plans for a wide variety of projects.

Everything from complex diversions, to stop/go. Our team produce high quality TMP's for every situation. Holding within them, crucial, detailed information while remaining clear and visually digestible for our clients and traffic management teams.

Temporary traffic management plans

Design Process

Stage 1

Speaking with a client about upcoming works, getting an overview of what the job entails.

Stage 2

Visiting the job location, waking through the area of works, noting any Risks or hazards. Taking count of traffic flow and pedestrian presence in the area.

Stage 3

Generating a TMP based on details collected in stages 1 & 2. Incorporating solutions for risks, traffic flow or high volume of pedestrians into our TMP. Plan is sent for internal approval.

Stage 4

Once a traffic management plan has been approved, it is then issued to the client.

Traffic Management Plans

The Design Team

Chapter 8 TM uses the best software to deliver a high quality and visually digestible design everytime.

Knowledge and clarity of the request are the two most important factors when it comes to designing a Traffic Management Plan.

Our Design team work under a peer review scheme;

Once a drawing has gone through the first three stages, each member of the Design team reviews the TMP before it is rendered and available for submission to the Client. 


This oversight allows us to be confident that all of our TMPs are 100%.

Effective, Clear & Tailor made

Traffic Management Plans

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