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What is Traffic Management

The main purpose for traffic management is to protect contractors carrying out essential works on our roads, while also safely & with as little disturbance possible guiding motorists & pedestrians around that area of works.

A traffic management Plan, signage & cones in accordance with Chapter 8 legislation from 2019 are all implemented to ensure the safety of all road users from works being carried out on the roads.

Traffic management can look very different depending on the type of road level & the type of road being worked on.

At night-time you may see temporary traffic lights in place, limited road space may see a lane closure & Stop/Go in operation while dual carriageways & motorways will often see long tapers leading into a lane closure, slowly removing the overtaking lane safely with plenty of notice.

Chapter 8 traffic management

Doing our part

Chapter 8 try's to keep public inconveniences to an absolute minimum but Road closures, traffic diversions and temporary traffic management measures will always cause some inconvenience to our road users.

That's why we want to give back to the our community as much as we can, for the trust they the public put in us everyday, to keep everyone as safe as possible on our roads, at all times. 

So its only right that through volunteer work & community work, we do our part and give back to the community to the say thanks for the patience and support we receive each and every day from the public.

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