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We are Chapter 8 Traffic Management

We strive everyday to be the best company, within the traffic management sector.


Chapter 8 traffic management is one of the fastest growing TM companies across Ireland.


Providing traffic solutions to companies from all areas of the civil engineering, building & construction sectors.

Chapter 8 is a young forward thinking, detail orientated and driven traffic managment company with offices in Cork & Athlone.

We offer first class, transparent communication using a live - real time paperless system, allowing client engineers as well as on site chapter 8 supervisors to interact, update & view critical site information in real time. This means, no more chasing engineers or supervisors if the site changes, an incident occurs or a project needs a little tweaking.

Chapter 8 is moving forward with ideas that you just don't see within the Traffic management sector. Quick fixes and half measures are a thing of the past and Chapter 8 wants to leave it there.


Health and Safety, next level training and nurturing staff while providing the high quality safety solutions our clients deserve are at the core of Chapter 8s values.

Immediate response, 24/7 live communication,


Chapter 8 maintains, professional well organised sites, concentrating on providing key information to the public so traffic management works cause minimal stress and the least impact to the roads possible.

Chapter 8 Traffic Management ltd.

What We Are About


Chapter 8 offers the higest quality within the traffic management sector. Its within our core values to always strive to be different, operating outside the norm, in terms of training, next level equipment & innovative safety solutions


Chapter 8 continues to develop internally, providing first class training to our team, pushing everyone to the next level. Furthering internal growth & development is and has always been at the forefront of of our company directors goals.


Chapter 8 strives to build long lasting partnerships, offering a fantastic service to our clients by taking care of all our employee's, always looking to improve by examining our weaknesses. We maintain open, clear communication with project managers ensuring service delivery is always at its peak.

Meet the Founders


Our Offices

Our depot in Cork

Where it all began.

Chapter 8 Traffic Management Cork can be found at the crossroads of Munster, Mallow!

Right at the centre of Munster, Chapter 8 have the personnel, resources & infrastructure to reach all the southern counties, in half the time.

Our depot in Athlone

Reaching every corner of Ireland


From the crossroads of Munster, to the crossroads of Ireland.

In order to branch out to the midlands, Chapter 8 realised there is no better place to set up for future growth then right in the centre of Ireland - Athlone and we haven't looked back since.

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