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Chapter 8 traffic management crews

The Chapter 8 Team

We don't only think, Chapter 8 knows we have the best team of supervisors & operatives on the roads.

From the office, to the site, everyone does their part each and everyday to create the rapid growth that Chapter 8 has experienced, that only comes from people who are passionate, driven, and the best at what they do.


Our goal is to nurture our staff, providing them with the most up to date training & investment. 

Pushing internal growth and allowing everyone to have a voice.

At Chapter 8 we hold regular meetings, allowing everyone to have a voice and to have their input, providing different perspectives why is why Chapter 8 stands out from the competition. 

Our operations Team work day and night to keep open and transparent communication with both clients and crew, ensuring all shifts are meticulously organised and sites run as smoothly and as safely as possible.

Lovely bunch of lads and lady's. Very professional and punctual, have never worked with a team like them.

- Stephen

Incredible place to work, everyday is different. Everyone is so easy to work with and makes the day a lot better.

- Bobbie

Great group to work with, Everyone is easy to deal with and passionate about Chapter 8

- Jamie

traffic management SLG

Barry Greenwood

Managing Director

Chapter 8 traffic management was formed with the goal of providing a high quality service TM service that has been missing in the road construction sector, but at our core, we wished to improve the standards provided to the people within the traffic management industry first.


New technology, and a management structure designed to care for the wellbeing of our staff, has allowed us to push our team members to higher positions within the organization, allowing growth internally while at the same time growing the company rapidly externally due to the same management structure that boasts a high quality & caring approach.

Quality, Care, Growth

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