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The big build - DIYSOS

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

The big build Cork City.

Traffic management are usually the last to leave on most sites, and the big build was no different.

We are the final few to see the dust settle on yet another susscesful DIYSOS build.

As we finish picking up the last few traffic cones you get swept away in a gust of nostalgia.

The previous 10days had been jam backed, a little estate tucked away in Cork City buzzing with contrators, caterers & helpful neighbours. Dozens of happy faces, smiling and laughing. Deddicating their skills, time or whatever they could, all with the shared purpose of helping a family in need.

As we loaded up our TM equipment, a few of those friendly faces remained to sweep up the settled dust, smiles still beaming on their faces because they felt what we did, this project was different from your regular day at the office, we where apart of something special.

Being apart of this project was not only an honour but it was truly enjoyable, it’s not often you get to roll up your sleeves and get to work with so many people, strangers, friends. Unlike any given day, these people aren't here for work or a pay check, they arrived in the hundreds from the goodness of their heart.

It’s stressful, something so important! your trying to help a family during a difficult period of their lives. In a time when they need it most.

Working towards something so important can add quite a bit of pressure but does anyone get overwhelmed. NO!

Day by day, everyone keeps their heads down, pulls together and does their part and eventually, piece by piece the picture gets a little clearer and in the end we got there.

When it came time for the big reveal, the contractors stand back and watch in anticipation, hope and excitment as the Hoolahan family step inside their home after a long year away.

To see how much it meant to Adam and his family, it made all the long hours, pressure and hard work worth it.

Our fantastic Traffic Management team were on site everyday from 6am till 8pm, yet! they loved every minute. We all made new friendships, we smiled, we laughed but most of all we were honoured to play our part.

This wasn’t any usual day at work. Each day you jump out of bed ready to go, excited to see what the day would bring and the progress we could achieve after another hard graft.

What the DIYSOS team do on these projects in such a short space of time is nothing short of a miracle.

The Big Build Cork, it was a honour!

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